Postdoc in Industrial Economics / Economics of Organizations at the UIB

Submission of applications from 07/20/2021 to 10/30/2021

We are looking for a recently graduated doctor with interests in the field of Industrial Organization and / or Organization Economics. It is a two-year postdoctoral contract linked to the Beatriz Galindo grants. The postdoc lasts two years without teaching or administrative tasks and with an annual gross salary set at € 24,877.
The postdoc will allow the recent PhD candidate to dedicate himself fully to research. He would work mainly with Jozsef Sakovics (Beatriz Galindo senior distinguished researcher) as well as with the faculty of the Department of Business Economics at the UIB. Jozsef is a recognized international expert in the area of ​​economic theory. His topics of interest focus, from game theory tools, on the analysis of strategic interactions in decentralized markets as well as on consumer behavior, both at a theoretical and applied level to understand particular markets or industries. His contributions have been published in the best journals of the discipline, both in the area of ​​industrial economics (RAND, Journal of Industrial Economics, IJIO, JEMS), in economic theory (Economic Theory, JET, GEB) and in the best journals economics (AER, JPE, Econometrica, IER, JEEA).
If you think of any potential candidate who may be interested in this postdoc, we would be very grateful if you would inform them about the offer. Our idea is to start reviewing candidate applications from August 15, 2021 and, although we will continue to accept applications until October 30, 2021, we encourage interested candidates to apply as soon as possible. In fact, if we found a candidate that interests us before the deadline, we would finish the search earlier.
The procedure to apply to this square is very standard. Through we collect all the necessary documentation for the application (CV, 2 letters of recommendation and at least one paper). This is the link to our ad:
Please, do not hesitate to contact ( for more information.

Publication date: 20/07/2021